James ‘Riz’ Risby is a laidback character who tries to bring as many laughs as possible to the airwaves and if he can’t do that, he’s happy for you to laugh at him.

Coordination may not be his ‘thing’ but it doesn’t stop him and his love for sports (just don’t get him started on cricket) – he can’t wait to get further involved in the community that has been so welcoming since he moved to Regional SA.

Alex Newman has visited 28 countries, lived in London and worked for Mickey Mouse in Florida!

A Wikipedia addict, Alex can’t let a question go un-googled – he once learnt to ride a motorbike by googling it! While not a morning person (he routinely falls asleep on his glasses and breaks them), luckily he has a frustrating supply of optimism so it kind of balances itself out.

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