Port Augusta’s Fruit Fly Facility Set to Double in Size

May 31, 2023 1:11 am in by
Photo by Erik Karits:

Port Augusta’s Fruit Fly Facility is set to Double in Size.

The expansion of Port Augusta’s National Sterile Insect Technology facility has begun, with a $3 million investment to combat fruit fly infestations in South Australia.

The existing facility, operational since November 2016, has reached its capacity, producing up to 20 million sterile flies per week.

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The expansion will double the facility’s capacity and sterile Queensland Fruit Fly production.

The facility plays a critical role in eradicating outbreaks and reducing pest pressure in vulnerable areas.

With completion expected by spring 2023, current forecasts indicate that Australia is set to produce $18.2 billion of horticulture in 2023-24, of which around half is susceptible to fruit fly.

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