Free Online Science and Communication Workshops for Aussie Farmers

May 19, 2023 5:20 am in by
Photo by Jake Heinemann:

Australian farmers are being given the opportunity to participate in free online science and communication workshops organized by Farmers for Climate Action (FCA) and the Australian National University.

The workshops cover various topics including climate change science, carbon farming, adaptation options, agri-politics, and communicating climate change.

The course has been created in response to the overwhelming interest in the FCA Climate Smart Scholarship, with only 20 positions available for 330 registered farmers last year.

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This workshops aims to meet the demand for climate adaptation and carbon farming knowledge among farmers, as surveys indicate that only 10% of farmers are involved in carbon trading and 70% have limited understanding of the carbon market.

The condensed version of the Climate Essentials course will be held online on May 31st, providing an interactive platform for farmers to engage with world-leading scientists and enhance their resilience to climate change.

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