Barunga West Council Taking Action to Address Growing Stray Cat Population

July 24, 2023 12:54 am in by

The Barunga West Council is taking action to address its growing stray cat population and associated issues.

Stray cats can pose health risks and nuisances, impacting the community and local wildlife.

To tackle this problem, the Council will soon implement a trapping program aimed at capturing, neutering, and rehoming stray cats to reduce their numbers and related challenges.

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Council CEO Maree Wauchope emphasizes the importance of identifying owned cats through microchipping, ensuring their safe return if lost and legally protected.

Adhering to Council regulations, cat owners are urged to desex and microchip their pets and keep them securely enclosed in their backyards or indoors.

Residents spotting stray cats are encouraged to report to the Council for proper handling and identification.

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