Advice ahead of Telstra 3G shutdown

April 10, 2024 12:34 pm in by
Photo: David Becher, via Flickr

With Telstra’s 3G network scheduled to close soon, there is an easy way for locals to check if their phones will still work.

Telstra’s Mike Marom says the company have developed a simple SMS tool that customers can use as the closure approaches on 30 June.

“Customers can send an SMS with the number ‘3’ to ‘3498’ or ‘3GXT’, and you will receive advice almost instantly,” Mr Marom explains.

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To stay connected to the network, you need to take action now.

“If the shutdown impacts you, you’ve probably already heard from us, but if you are unsure and you need to upgrade, it takes only seconds to send a free text message to ‘3498’.”