Private School Charging Students $20 if They Come to School With a Mullet

April 17, 2023 10:43 am in by

Waverley College, a private all boys school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, has put students with ‘inappropriate’ hair cuts on notice.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that “If your son arrives at the college at the commencement of term 2 with a haircut that is not in line with college policy, he will either be sent home on his first day or we will have a hairdresser on site where he can receive a haircut at the cost of $20, charged to his school fees account,’ a message from deputy principal Gabby Smith said.

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“Your son will be given a choice on this day and a note will be logged on his file. There will be no phone calls home,” Smith’s note continued.

According to the school, the definition of “offending styles” also extends to undercuts, dramatic layering, tracks (shapes cut into the hair), overuse of product, tinting, colouring, strands of hair, braids or lines.