Meet Mikey

mikeytwitterThe Random 30 will be hosted daily by Mikey!

Mikey went from carrying a school case to carrying the road cases of 2 London DJ’s as their roadie and for the Capital Video Roadshow.

Outside of showing a lot of butt crack on stage as a roadie, he also showed he had what it takes to jump into DJ’ing himself.


mikeyMikey’s has since taken over  “Capital Video Roadshow” and has travelled throughout our major cities and outback towns performing live and passing on his skills to youth keen to learn the good, bad and ugly of DJ’ing.

He has also filled his black book with the who’s who in the entertainment world.

 “The Random 30” is what Mikey has been studying for! A show dedicated to students, youth and everyone who wants to make the most out of life!

 Mikey gives you the latest music, info on the stuff that you want to know about and the tips and tricks to really live.

 Best of all, there are no lectures to attend, free enrolment and being interactive, you get to set your own timetable and the agenda.