People are Flipping Out Over Motorola's New Phone

Motorola has announced a comeback phone that is based on the "Razr Flip Phone" of the early 2000s.

You would be forgiven to thinking the new phone is just a nostalgia gimmick but it seems like the foldable screen technology is actually put to good use in this new design.

One of the big reasons the flip phone was popular was that it fitted nicely into your pocket. Especially with phones been so large these days its a nice thought that the phone has gone from being a brick to being portable to being a brick again and now back to portable. Trends really do come back around.

No other phone has really ever captured that sensation of being on Star Trek either. It really gave you the same sensation Captain Kirk must of had when he snapped shut his communicator after asking Scotty to "beam him up". Science Fiction and in particular Star Trek has always been a great influence on modern technology advancements and style. 


This new version of the flip phone is launching in Australia, but don't expect one straight away as pre orders are filling fast and there is quite a large wait list, not bad considering the $2699 price tag. 

Some of the new features you will love with this model are technically amazing.

Like you can still use the phone when it is folded. There is a 2.7 inch screen on the outside called a "quick view display". You can still make calls, message, control your music and use it to pay for items with a tap. You can even use the camera for taking pics of yourself before you even open the phone up.

When it it flipped open the phone becomes a 6.2 inch foldable pOLEAD display so it makes it a smidge bigger than the other big brand phones on the market but thats what you want, a small phone when you want it small.. a big one when you want it big. 

The models we've seen have a fingerprint reader, a 2510 mAh lithium ion battery and only around 128 gb of storage so not amazing specs especially with storage space but on their site they mention that there is FREE unlimited photo storage. 

They also wear the lack of features like a badge. "Clutter-Free Android" is a trademark that basically means no software skins or room for apps. So if you like that stuff this may not be the phone for you.

you can see the full list of specs here.