SpaceTalk smart watch that every parent needs

Being a parent myself it really scares me to think what could happen if my son wants to ride to his mates house, go down to the park or walk home from school.  How can we keep an eye on them when we aren't with our kid/s. 

Over the weekend I was reading news stuff online and tech things and I found this and OMG this is seriously the best thing ever. 

This 'SpaceTalk' smartwatch lets you as the parent stay in contact with your kid/s the entire time via either calling them (like a phone call) or SMS but what is most amazing is it even has a location tracker on it so you exactly where your kid/s are.   Are you kids walking home from school? Well, track them to find out where they are.

Is this not the most amazing thing around to help us protect our kids?


So what else can you as the parent do with this spacetalk watch? Parents, you can control the device from an app on your own smartphone. You can block unknown numbers, choose what hours of the day the device can receive/make calls and even set up 'Safe Zones' by customising alerts to inform you as the parent when your child arrives at a particular location eg school.

The watch is water resistant along with some awesome features such as a step counter, reminder alarms, weather app and more. 

But what happens if your kid/s is in trouble? It has an SOS alert button on the side of the watch which can be programmed to call a sequence of parents/guardians or even the local emergency authorities. 

So how much is this 'SpaceTalk' - the going price is $349.  You may think $349 is high but when it comes to your kid/s safety, $349 is nothing and certainly worth every cent to make sure our kids remain safe.   

Check out the video