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Calm Down, Daniel Radcliffe Does NOT Have Coronavirus


Harry Potter's golden boy, Daniel Radcliffe, has been caught up in a fake news article suggesting he contracted coronavirus.

His publicist has come forward and denied these claims, saying the rumour was "not true".

This all stemmed from a fake BBC News account which claimed Radcliffe was the "first famous person" to public confirm contracting the virus. 

The tweet went virus soon after, in part thanks to those working at The New York Times and Politico, which shared the tweet

Though the fake news account had only 125 followers the tweet in question racked up 311,000 impressions and 70,000 engagements.

This has since been dispelled as a false claim and taken down, with Twitter stepping in and suspending the account for platform manipulation. 


The anonymous account owners have suggested they sent the tweet out because they wanted to train people to be more tech savvy and question things more.


So, Daniel Radcliffe is in the clear. I repeat, our boy Harry Potter does not have coronavirus.