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Netflix Adding "Top 10" Chart So You Can Stay Culturally Relevant


One of the biggest streaming services in the world has now implemented a feature so you can keep up with the Jones' and stay culturally relevant. 

What does this mean?

Why, you can now see what the "Top 10" shows or movies are. 

In essence it's like the bestseller aisle at the bookshop, except it isn't "of all time" just of "that moment".

The ranking will appear on your Netflix homepage, but not necessarily at the top. 

The company announced this in a blog post on Monday. who decided to run with the new feature after positive reviews from their test markets in the UK and Mexico.

What will this mean for us?

Well I don't know about you but I love going against the grain, so I'll be avoiding any popular culture and only watching the absolute dregs of the streaming service. #alternative

Real talk, I would actually love a randomise button. But then I'll invariably do what I already do on Spotify, and just shuffle every single song until I get to the one I've listened to every single day since 2008.