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Keep or Cull? How to Declutter your Socials

De-cluttering is in, and in a big way! But it's not just your closet or your email inbox, you can do it wherever there's joy to be sparked. Lately I've been doing it in my socials. Everybody from "why did I ever follow that person?", "they're posting too many karate memes" to "who are you anyway?" can go, leaving you with a nice, concise feed.



We meet a lot of people in our everyday lives, and a lot of friend requests get sent out and accepted from people you'll never see again. So how do you decide who stays and goes? Here are some quick tips.


KEEP: people you went to school with 

You've known these people the longest, so you've probably cared about these people the longest. It's likely you have some really sweet memory of them from that time in your life, or else you want to gawk at all their failures! Both are valid. Unfortuantley the guy who bullied me in high school appears to have really matured and lives a great life now. That really stinks, so I did cull him.



CULL: If their display picture is a group of people and you don't know which one is them

Aparently I follow a lot of people whose avatar is themselves and their mates - or family, romantic partners, etc. Being unable to tell who's who is an immediate red flag. If you bumped into them on the street, you wouldn't stop and talk to them. You likely won't care too much if they post a selfie out the front of Big Ben.


KEEP: Anybody who ate lots of hotdogs in one sitting 

I know this one guy who could have very easily made rejects pile. I never had many interactions with him, nor have I thought about him much since. However, when I saw his name come up in my friends list, I remembered the time he ate about twenty hotdogs in one go, and that was super funny. If that doesn't spark joy, I don't know what does. 'twas a valliant effort, and he deserves to stay.



CULL: Anybody you've ever done a group assignment with

It's likely they've already deleted you because I've never done a group assignment where everybody still liked each other by the end of it. You've been through hell together, but instead of bonding over it as survivors, it's really best to never look back. This is especially true if your partner/s was an exchange student, because you'll never see them again. Stefan, I'm glad you and your partner had a baby, I just don't see myself visiting Sweden any time soon.


KEEP: People who might get you employed down the line

This is highly opportunistic, it's true, but we all play the game.



CULL: People with 1300+ Facebook friends

Some people love to throw friend requests out willy-nilly, and that's fine - but how well can you get to know somebody with more than 1300 other friends? It's harsh but I tell it like it is.


CULL: Anybody from YouTube

Tastes change, and never so fast as on YouTube. One day you'll look back and think "why did I ever like that blowhard? Did I really think that was ever cool?" Unfollow them now and save future-you the hassle. It'll also help to deny you ever liked them in the first place when they inevitably get cancelled.



KEEP: Nice people

AKA your frends. Sure, in a perfect world I'd only have about five people I can keep a close contact with - just the bestest of best buddies - but other people are good too. If they're somebody you would genuinely be happy to see, regardless of closeness or hotdog eating ability, spread the love and keep them in your life, even if social media can feel like a toxic swamp at times. 



Happy pruning! And remember whatever you do, DO NOT unfollow Magic FM or @bigboblozza on your socials. They're 100% great content, 1,000,000% of the time.