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Secret Killer In Your Home: Drying Clothes Inside Is A Bad Idea


A significant downpour has just come down for our neighbouring state, something Port Pirie got a taste of last week. 

Torrential rain is a welcome relief to many, but you may be tempted to start drying your washing inside with a makeshift clothes horse.

Though this solution looks harmless enough, the wet washing combined with the humid weather creates a perfect storm, if you will, for mould to grow.

Wet clothes inside your home can increase the humidity is provides a fantastic breeding ground for mould and bacteria, especially if there's a lack of ventilation!

If moisture is subsequently trapped, and the temperature rises, mould breeds. 


How can you beat this?

In short, you best have a great A/C at home. 

Drying clothing with the airconditioning running translates to excess moisture being removed from the air.

Mould from wet clothing is also just the beginning. Rainfall and humidity can activated dormant mould which may be located inside building materials.

Mould inside the home can impose many health issues, and can be especially bad for those with existing respiratory conditions. 

How To Get Rid Of Mould

Wash clothing, bedding, soft toys, etc in a washing machine on a hot cycle.

If you are concerned about shrinkage, or clothes are "dry-clean only" get them professionally cleaned.

If neither of these options are possible you will have to consider throwing out articles affected by mould. 

Thoroughly clean all affected hard surfaces.

Household detergent usually can do the job if it is used correctly.

Do not mix detergents with bleaches in the same bucket - this may release hazardous fumes.

Apply the cleaner and give it time to work before you mop or sponge.

Antibacterial disinfectants are your best friend to kill residual germs and to remove any smells.

Go over areas of the house you've already cleaned with antibacterial disinfectants as a final clean. 

Critically, the best course of action is always prevention when it comes to mould, so make sure you ventilate your house (whether that's opening doors or windows, or running the A/C) and do not try and dry clothes inside.