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Wallaby Rescued Over 6kms From Shore, How'd You End Up There Buddy?

A wallaby, dubbed ‘Dawny’, has been rescued 6.2km from shore yesterday, after the marsupial decided to go for a bit of swim. 

This has left residents and police baffled, and quite frankly impressed, at how Dawny ended up so far...

Maybe she was training for the ironwoman?

Queensland police were made aware of the marsupial's misfortune after a member of the public spotted her off the shore of North Stradbroke Island.

Water police were quick to respond, scooping up and rescuing our poor lass 6.2 km from land.

How in the absolute HECK did she get out that far? What was she trying to do?

Police reckon Dawny’d been tonguing for a swim (let's be real, it is quite hot) but got more than she bargained for and eventually been led astray for one reason of another.


Officers found her “fatigued” and “swimming in circles” but, thankfully, was returned to land.

All in a day's work. 

What a happy ending - see the full photos here