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Years Of CSIRO Research Destroyed & Lost After Canberra Hailstorm

Sixty-five CSIRO greenhouses were decimated by the supercell thunderstorm in Canberra yesterday.

It's likely the hailstorm has wreaked years' worth of research on climate-resistant crops.

The sweet irony of working to address violent symptoms of climate change, only to have a symptom of climate change violently address your work.


Hailstones as large as golf balls shattered countless glass panels and left vulnerable plants susceptible to the outside world.


Much of the CSIRO work focussed on sustainable crops like wheat, barley, cotton, and legumes, with the aim of helping them to survive adverse conditions like last year’s horrific drought.

The Canberra Times reports one researcher rushed to the site during the storm. It is not clear if their work was salvaged, but it's speculated “most of those projects will be totally lost.”

Fortunately, nobody was injured at the site.


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"Climate change does not exist". Well my windscreen does to differ. And the rest of the car, which had both side mirrors smashed clean off, windscreen smashed, rego plate smashed off, together with side lights, rear lights and roof racks. The car looks like someone's gone to town with a golf club. The rearview mirror and lights INSIDE the car even fell out and onto the car seat. This thanks to a massive storm pelting my car (and everyone else's) with goofball sized hail stones... Can't drive it back to Sydney. This after driving through bushfires, flash floods, drought stricken areas and now massive hail and thunderstorms In the last 7 days. But listen to the politicians when they dismiss global warming... 🙄🙄🙄 #globalwarming #climatechange #hailstorm #canberra

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We had a huge hailstorm yesterday and this is my car from it. Thankfully the front window was fine so we managed to drive it home, now begins the wait for insurance and whether it will be repaired or written off. There's so many dints and all the rear lights are smashed. The force was so strong that the broken glass from the rear window was on the front seat. It was weird walking through the destruction. After the storm passed it was a beautiful sunny day, but with huge piles of hail on the street. All the footpaths were green from the leaves that had been shredded from the trees. And every car park was filled with destroyed cars. Some of my team couldn't take their cars home - too smashed. When your week starts like this, it can only get better right? 😂😂 Only good thing to come from yesterday was that last night I had the strongest movements yet from baby boy ♥️ was lying in bed and it felt like my tummy was doing flips ♥️ cannot wait to feel it more and for husband and stepson to be able to feel it external!! #hailstorm #canberrahail #whatamonday #17weekspregnant #ivfjourney #ivfmiracle #ivfbaby #ivfpregnancy #pregnancyafterinfertility #pcos #pcospregnancy #pregnant

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The weather has since cleared and the Bureau of Meteorology predicts a moderate chance of showers in the arvo.

That’s a small mercy to those whose property – and experiments – were have been damaged by the storm.