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"Amazing Grace" Saves Greg, The Yellow Wiggle's Life


A quick-thinking member of the public saved the life of much revered child entertainer, Greg Page (The Yellow Wiggle) over the weekend.

The off-duty nurse was attending the Wiggle's show on Friday night, which was organised to raise funds for the bushfires. 

Greg collapsed on stage after he suffered a cardiac arrest, and Grace Jones raced backstage and used a defribrillator on him. 

Speaking on Weekend Sunrise, Grace Jones and ambulance officer Brian Parsell joined Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, to talk about the dramatic events. 

Thinking back on Friday, Cook recounted:

“After we came off stage, I went to the dressing room and came back down and they were working on him, Grace and two of our staff … who also did CPR and fortunately they had the training, so I’d really encourage people to go out and get training, all that saved his life. It was such a shock to see him there … he was pretty much gone at that point.”

Nurse, "Amazing Grace" Jones, shared her sight of the story too:

“After he collapsed on stage I asked if he need help … they said yes so I went up and he didn’t look very well at all. They were already doing CPR, which was really good, someone gave me the defibrillator, and I put it on him, then you just go through the sequence.”

Brian Parsell, who performed 26 minutes of CPR on Page in the ambulance, said that Jones “nailed it” and her courage to help out is likely what saved his life.

They all stressed the importance of taking first aid courses and learning how to use defribillators, skills which can make the difference between life or death. 

Yesterday, The Wiggles shared an update from hospital, conveying Greg's gratitude for the waves of love and support.