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Lakers Let Lizzo Live, Open Invite To Join The Dance Troupe

Big drama for L-Mama right now, and the tea is PIPPING hot. 

For those living under a rock let me bring you up to speed. 

Ya gal Lizzo, who you'd be familiar with as being on high rotation here at Magic, had a ball at a recent Lakers game. 

So much so, she felt the urge to join in with the CCD Dance Troupe at halftime when they started bopping along to her song, Juice. 

Lizzo, a fearless fashionista, was wearing a revealing dress which had the bottom cut out, so as to see her wearing a g-string. 

She proceeded to turn around for the camera and shake it. Yass Queen. 

Some were less than impressed by the spectacle, but really can we not let a girl live? I'm sure you've seen much worse in your time (perhaps you may even seek more revealing images on the internet every once and a while?)

Nonetheless, people on twitter were outraged. 

Despite the hate, Lizzo clapped back in a recent IG post. On top of that the Lakers backed our girl up by offering an open invitation to come and dance with their troupe. 

And THAT is how you own your haters. You do you, boo. 

it's important to note her track Good As Hell has just had a revamp - a music video has been released two days ago. Please enjoy!