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Ellen & Dakota Johnson's Excruciatingly Awkward interview, Could Be Classified Worst In The World

Second-hand embarrassment. It's cringy and makes your stomach drop. You imagine, for a brief moment, that you are a party to the embarrassing situation, and the effects can be quite viceral. 

This is what you will experience if you watch this interview between comedian, Ellen DeGeneres and actress, Dakota Johnson. 

Ellen playfully enters the interview inquiry as to how Dakota's recent birthday went and then hits her with the "where was my invite" card. 


Johnson volleys back that she did, indeed, invite DeGeneres to her birthday. 

“But I did invite you and you didn’t come,” says Dakota, in now one of the most awkward conversations to ever grace your TV set.

It appears both parties become very confused, 

Ellen eventually concedes that she must have been invited but must have been out of town, “Oh yeah I had that thing."

The icing on top was the fact that Johnson let slip that Tig Notaro, who performed at her party, was her favourite comic, and not DeGeneres. 

Watch the gloriously awkward interview in HD here!