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Cold Coffee In A Goon Bag Next Big Thing, Because Why Not I Guess

Honestly this is just giving me Vietnam flashbacks to the old days where one could only afford goon. 

I thought I had well and truly left that part of my life but here we are, back at it again.  

First thoughts? Other than the whole goon bag thing - it does actually look a bit convenient, I hate to admit. 

Imagine going to a BBQ party and bringing a freshingly cold cask of coffee. 

Also it just means all you have to go is pour it into a glass with ice and you're done. 

Also you don't have to remember to make one in the morning as you leave for work. 

A good box of these beans will set you back $40 but can we really put a price on convenience?

Besides, it does have 20 cups of coffee in it, and at the standard price of a cold-drip coffee ($5) that would be a massive saving of $60 of your hard earned clams!

I imagine you could also reuse the bag, once your finished, by blowing it up and using it as a pillow. 

Man, I think I just sold this to myself. Brb ordering online. 

Source: Jessica Lewis, Pexels