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The Veronicas Delete Entire Twitter Account, Amid Debacle

This drama just got juicer and I know you are so ready for it so let's just jump right into the fray. 

Over the weekend, rapper, producer and renowned Black Eyed Peas frontman, accused a Qantas flight attendant of racism after an incident on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney. 

He alleges (and provides pictures to support this opinion) five police officers met him when he landed and only let him go after other passengers corroborated his account of events. 

You'd remember that The Veronicas went through a similar instant back in September, when they alleged a flight attendant refused to assist them with their bags and when the sisters asked for her name, she summoned an AFP officer and had them removed from their flight. 

Upon hearing had also experienced less savory treatment, they tweeted out "We support"

Since then the tweet has been deleted but here are the screenshots.

we support

we support 2The Veronicas posted this statement on their now-deleted Twitter. Image: The Veronicas

Qantas has issued a statement about the event, strenuously denying the issue had anything to do with racial profiling.

Since then The Veronicas have deleted not only that tweet, but their entire account. This action may have taken place under the advice of their legal team.

Whether or not this is true, Qantas' brand has definitely been taking hits of late, which couldn't be worse timing as we come into the holiday/travel season.