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How Are Those New Years Resolutions Going?

It's November. Heck, it's mid November. When we all made our respective new years resolutions there was a whopping 12 months to make them happen. I forgot - so before we embark on another trip around the sun, let's take a look back at what i set out to achieve in 2019.


Learn French

If you'd asked me "do you want to learn French?" on January 1st 2019, I'd have answered "oui!". Unfortunately, if you asked me "how many French words do you know by now?" on November 12th 2019, my answer would also be "oui". My French really hasn't come along, and I blame never downloading Duolingo, not watching any French movies, or even eating a delicious pastry. I have no plans to ever visit France, yet I wish I'd persisted.


Can I still become fluent in French by December 31st this? Probably not. On the other hand, mimes are French and I can speak just as well as any of them. I'm giving myself a partial credit.

Keep a Diary

Diaries are a great way to stay in touch with yourself, and create a record of your experiences to look back on in years' time. You can develop your skills as a writer, find words for thoughts you're yet to verbally express, and generally find peace through a nightly ritual. Boy, what I could have accomplished.


Can I write three hundred and sixteen entries into my diary (after I buy one) before the end of the year, and keep up with the remaining 49 days of the year? At 7.44 entries per day, I think I can pull it off. One thing: can anybody remember what I was doing on October 7th?

Get One Million Followers on TikTok

This isn't a new years resolution per se, but I did set out to achieve this before 2020. @TikBobTokka currently has 362 followers, well short of the 1,000,000 I promised back in August.

Can I create over 900,000 fake TikTok profiles to follow myself before the new year? No, and I probably never could if I gave it a crack every year for the rest of my life. But can you follow me? Absolutely. Can just one great TikTok propel me to international superfame? Definitely. Is this goal dead in the water? Never.


And so shall your dreams also come true. What new years resolutions are you still chasing? Or did you forget them too? Let us know!

Sydney New Year's Eve image courtersy of Herry Lawford from Flickr.