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"Ok Boomer" Discussed On National TV, Proof You Can Both Be The Meme & Kill The Meme Simultaneously

If there was ever proof that The Today Show was an extremely lame breakfast show, here is it. 

In this week of things which are apparently considered content, we have people discussing a meme. Which, if you weren't aware, is the quickest way to kill a meme. It's akin to explaining a joke - when you have to explain it, it's no longer funny.

With this in mind, I'm going to put the final nail in the coffin and explain the explanation segment on The Today Show.

First up, for those unfamiliar, "ok boomer" has been a phrase doing the rounds on social media. Despite The Today Show committing to an entire segment explaining the term, they did an incredibly sub-par job. This could be due to the fact that none of them are in the generation which coined the term (Gen-Z).

Said term is used, often in a humourous or ironic manner, to dismiss out of touch or close-minded opinions - opinions which are closely associated with the Baby Boomer generation. However, and I must stress this, it can be used on anyone that is expressing these opinions and older than Gen-Z. 

Yelling at a customer service worker for no apparent reason? "ok boomer." Claiming climate change doesn't exist? "ok boomer." Complaining incessantly on social media that the youth are addicted to social media, completely missing the irony? "ok boomer."

That said, Gen-Z have already moved on to other phrases. It was a real flash in the pan viral trend, capturing the zeitgeist of 2019. 

"The reason 'ok boomer' is such a great generational marker is it cleaves so neatly: boomers hate it, gen x will mock it, millennials will enthusiastically use it to the point of exhausting it without actually inventing it, and gen z has already moved on and thinks we are all nobs." - Joshua Bate, USA Today, October 2019

Proving this theory is absolutely correct, The Today Show decided to dedicate an entire segment on the phrase and, you guessed it, dismiss Gen-Zs. I love when life imitates art, which in turn imitates life. 

Any guess what the video's top comment was?

To make sure it was really dead in the water, they decided to overuse the phrase in their next segment. 

RIP 'ok boomer', it was fun while it lasted.