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Get Schwifty, Rick and Morty To Return To Our Screens

It feels like it has been an eternity. 

As is custom with the Rick and Morty tv series, it is drip-fed to us fans. The last one was released back in October, 2017 so it's any wonder we're all chomping at the bit!

Good news - it's set to premiere. 

It actually has a solid date - no it's not "coming this summer". In fact, it's coming much sooner (for us in the Southern Hemisphere at least). 

November 10th. 

Whether it'll be around for a while, the show's creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland think so. 

Back in May 2018 they signed on for another 70 episodes, which can be stretched over seven seasons. 

This is astounding given the l o n g wait for each season. 

To add to this, Harmon and Roiland believe they'll be around way longer than the initial 70 episodes. 

Hats off to them and to us. Five brand new episodes are coming our way in little more than a month. 

Here's the trailer to get you pumped!