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Incoming Price Hikes For Streaming Service Netflix

Price hikes are the worst.

It doesn't matter what you're spending your money on, it always feels like you're being cheated.

Netflix has just announced it would be raising its prices for premium subscribers. 

The new change kicks off today, with Netflix’s premium plan fees increasing from $17.99 to $19.99 per month.

It's important to note that the $9.99 basic plan and $13.99 standard subscription plans won’t change.

In a statement to NewsCorp, a spokesperson of the streaming company tried to quell our strong feelings about this hike, saying "“We change our prices from time to time and continue to invest heavily to grow in the depth and breadth of our content such as new shows like The Politician, Unbelievable, well-loved series like Stranger Things, The Good Place, and The Crown, as well as improvements to our products.”

This isn't a huge surprise, given it has already happened in the UK and the USA.

Still, it is very frustrating. 

To compare, Stan‘s basic, standard, and premium plans cost $10, $14, and $17 a month respectively.

This hike has come just in time for The Crown and Stranger Things, set to be dropped very soon. 

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