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Machine Gun Kelly Offers Cash for New Logo

Stop whatever you're doing and bust out the crayons; Machine Gun Kelly has taken to Twitter to announce that all things must evolve, and he's tired of his current logo. What does that mean? The rapper is offering a cash prize for fans to design a new one for him.

MGK tweet

Admitedly, Mr Kelly's music does represent something of a blindspot when it comes to my cultural knowledge - but all the same, I simply can't refuse a challenge. Here's what I've come up with so far...


IMG 7993

For my first try I just wrote out the artist's name and made it a bit cuter. This really helped me to understand what letters were in the name but from a design point of view, it's a bit too simplistic.


IMG 7992

Next I tried something a bit more playful. Since a gun is an actual, physical object, I decided to draw a gun instead of simply spelling the word out. For the rest of the title I used block letters so the name would stand out more on a poster, CD cover, or promotional flyer.


IMG 7994

My third design enters new territory for MGK, with the inclusion of a little gremlin mascot. He's a bit cheeky, a bit rude, and certainly a tad edgy. I feel it encapsulates Machine Gun Kelly's brand, so I'm going to include this when I submit my ideas to him.



Finally, I jumped on my PC to make use of the latest digital opportunities. I took the silhouette of a machine gun and placed it over a free photo of Kelly Rowland I found on Flickr (thanks Eva Rinaldi!). This is the best design yet.

Got something better? Let me know and we'll split the cash!

Drawing Board image courtesy of Maxpixel.