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Miley Drops "Slide Away" MV & Oh, Boy, What's Good, Liam??

There is some heavy symbolism of Miley and Liam's relationship in her recently released MV, "Slide Away". 

MiLi have broken up, and the hangover is just starting according to Miley.

There have also been strong similarities between "We Can't Stop" and "Slide Away", but with a slightly off feel to it.  


The symbolism of the 10 of hearts card? Apparently it's meant to symbolise the 10 years of MiLi's relationship, sinking to the bottom of the pool. Or something like that.


A little aside: Liam didn’t wear a panda head in Borgore‘s ‘Decisions’ music video; He actually wore a unicorn head. However, Miley and Liam did supposedly, and I say that having no way to confirm thishave matching panda outfits… So, I mean, it's plausible in a very roundabout sense... 

The rumour mill keeps on churning, but I'm gonna spend less time speculating and more time watching the MV for myself!