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FACE/OFF is Getting a Remake. Let's Cast It!

Face/Off is one of the best movies ever made. John Travolta stars as a hotshot FBI agent who undergoes an experimental face swap surgery with his terrorist nemesis, Nicholas Cage, nd assume his identity. Then Nicholas Cage wakes up from his coma and makes the doctors do the same procedure on him so he can wear Travolta's face and it gets very confusing. It's dumb, operatic, and it owns.

Naturally, Face/Off is getting a remake. Hot off the press, this is, so we don't know much about the project yet. However, a remake of such a classic film doesn't have to be bad. It may simply be a matter of casting - so let's have a red hot crack!


1. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

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These two love working together, and their chemistry is rock solid. Who wouldn't want to see these two go toe-to-toe? They look nothing alike, but it could be a fun spin.


2. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

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Okay, these two actually look too much alike. They may not have to even undergo the faceswapping - they could just go undercover as they are. On the plus side, that surely saves a tonne of money they may have wasted on an expensive face swap surgery special effects sequence!


3. The Hollywood Chrisses

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What's better than a convoluted story of two guys who swap faces? Four guys swapping faces. They say white men all look alike, so let's finallly put it to the test!


4. "That Guy" and "Oh, That guy"

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You know those actors who are in a bunch of stuff but you don't really know what their names are? A big budget Face/Off remake could be the project that finally lets them make an impression on people - if only we knew what their names are. They sure seem familiar though.


5. Brent

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I think he's ready for it.




Original Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart images courtesy of Eva Rinaldi via Flickr.

Original Isla Fisher Image courtsey of Richard Goldschmidt via Wikimedia Commons.

Original Amy Adams, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt and Patton Oswalt images courtesty of Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

Original Matt Walsh image courtesy of Dominick D via Flickr.