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Daniel Craig Should Be Fired

Who has more style than James Bond? Answer: nobody. For almost sixty years, the gentleman superspy has been the definition of cool, with his impecable English tailoring, luxury Italian leather gun holsters, and the occasional safari suit to boot.


So when your look is so important, your public image matters too. Daniel Craig is currently preparing for his final outing as agent 007, and by all means it appears he's letting himself go.

Yes, James Bond just wore a suit and sneakers. The actor was seen sporting the look at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote the upcoming whodunnit, Knives Out.

Once upon a time, an actor would be fired for this sort of fashion blunder. Following the release of 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service, then current James Bond actor George Lazenby caused major friction with producers when he decided to sport a beard. His contract dictated the he appear a certain way in public, consistent with Bond's cool image, and Lazenby resigned from the role shortly after.


Since Craig also cannot be trusted to maintain a good standard of dress in public, I hope he shares the same good sense to retire. We just can't have this sort of thing going on.


Bond 25 is set for release in April next year.