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Most Anticipated 2019 Movies Still To Come

The year may be 3/4 through, but some of the most exciting movies of the year have been saved for last! Let's take a look.

Honorable mention/Wooden Spoon: Cats

Does it look good? Absolutely not - in both a literal sense and in the sense it just doesn't look like it'll be worth watching. But does it look like a fascinating, ill-advised, mega-budget awards bait bizarro-fest? Absolutely, and I'm here for it.

Costume Drama: Little Women

I would walk off a cliff for writer-director (and former actress) Greta Gerwig. For me, that's enough to forgive the fact that the original Little Women novel is not nearly as popular here as it in in America. The cast is great, and it looks like Gerwig has managed to inject some fun humor into this. It's the kind of film my Mum will ask if I want to see it, and I'll pretend I'm too cool for, only to hide my tears from her later on.

"Edgy": Joker

A superhero movie for people who don't like superhero movies, and for people who unashamedly love them, this film begs to ask the question of "what if the most iconic villain in comics history is just a guy who couldn't get a date". That might seem really dangerous, but the film's had a very strong reception after its debut at the Venice Film Festival. Also, the movie looks like a direct rip off of Martin Scorcese's The King of Comedy (Robert De Niro even stars) - and that movie slaps!

The Marathon: The Irishman

Speaking of Scorcese, he's back to his old tricks with this crime opus that reunites him with both De Niro and Joe Pesci, who've given us Goodfellas and Casino. We're in good hands, and whilst I've previously mocked the film for it's uncomfortable digital de-ageing technology, I respect the audacity of the films whopping three-and-a-half hour running time. Expect it to play like an extravagant, bingeworthy miniseries.

This Better Be Worth It: Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of SKywalker

If you're not seeing Cats on December 20, chances are you'll be in line for this one. What is this going to be? How do you wrap up 42 years of storytelling and follow up something like The Last Jedi. There's only one way to find out - and if not, I'll see you in Cats.