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The Magic Is Real!

A school in Tennessee has decided to ban the Harry Potter series from it's library under the ruling that all the spells and curses featured in the novels are real.


Rev. Dan Reehill of the St Edward Catholic School in Nashville claims the decision was backed up by leading exorcists in both the US and Rome, whom he consulted. Surprisingly, none of them pointed out the fact that these spells would only be real for wizards and not the majority of the [muggle] population. Amateurs.

This is where I point out that I've never actually read the Harry Potter books - I saw the first movie as a kid and it scared me...


though had I known that I'd get some practical information out of them, I'd have absolutely read them cover to cover.

But whilst it's tempting to catch up on lost time, I urge you to not go "expelliarmus" willy-nilly on everybody who wrongs you. We live in a society.


Harry Potter Books image courtesy of lozikiki via Flickr.