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Saturday Night Rove Canned After Only Two Episodes!

It's a sad news day today, with the announcement that Saturday Night Rove will be no more. 

“Australia, no-one’s more surprised than me that we made it to episode two,” Rove said. 

I'm sure this hinted to what they may have seen coming. 

He told TV Tonight, "

“the audience we hoped would find a free-wheeling live show on a Saturday night just weren’t there."

“We spoke with 10 today and we both called it.”

Lasting only two episodes, ratings dropped from 244,000 on its debut to 138,000 viewers on its second and final episode. 

Despite having heaps of Aussie comics, and even an appearance from former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, the show couldn't maintain the ratings and has now gone to Free TV heaven. 

The cancellation also came after several doctored social media reviews, trying to claim the show was getting more glowing reviews than it actually way. 

They may have taken a leaf out of Taylor Swift's book on that one. 

Here's to the sweet. sweet memories in the form of a youtube clip.