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You've Been Counting Dog Years ALL WRONG This Whole Time


Get ready for this, you might need to sit down before you read this information.

One human year does not equate to seven dog years. 

Wow. Truly earth-shattering stuff. 

It's a hard thing to hear, especially if you've been using it as your method to determine your own dog's age. 

According to Business Insider, we're all wrong, and age actually depends on factors like breed, size and lifestyle. 

ageofdogImage: Business Insider

Small breeds tend to live longer than larger breeds, and now we have a bit more understanding as to why that is. 

As for the fable of the one human year to seven dog years, apparently that might have originate from a veternary clinic as a marketing ploy to get dog owners to visit at least once a year. However, this hasn't been confirmed. So, just like the fable itself, it's pure speculation at best and a flat out lie at worst.

Incredible stuff, science is cool.