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Eilish to Lil Nas: "I'm the #1 Guy"

After a whopping 19 weeks at number one, country-rap fusion masterpiece Old Town Road has been dethroned from it's top spot in the US charts. In its place? None other than Billie Elish's (equally beloved?) bop, Bad Guy.


Lil Nas X, who performs the song alongside former-achingly broken hearted country star Billy Ray Cyrus, took to twitter to congratulate EIlish.

Equally impressive is that Eilish, 17, is now the first person born in this century to hit number one. I thought I was in with a hot chance at this record, until somebody told me I was born five years too early and have, thus far, not released any hit music either.


Will life on planet earth survive in a world without Old Town Road universally accepted as the greatest piece of music ever recorded? Is it too late to release my Lil Nas X parody song, Port Augusta Highway? Please hold my hand through this difficult time.

All hail our new supreme musical overlord...