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Miley Releases Emotional Song "Slide Away" Post Hemsworth Breakup

This winter has been a bit full on.

Lots of us have loved and lost, and Miley cements this in her new weeper, "Slide Away".

We were given the first glimpse via Miley's insta, posting a snippet of the newly released track. 

“Once upon it was paradise, once upon a time I was paralysed / I think I’m gonna miss these harbour lights / But it’s time to let it go.”

“Once upon a time it was made for us, woke up one day and it turned to dust. Baby, we were found, but now we’re lost / So it’s time to let it go.”

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Girl got us in the feels. She croons along, singing about the idillic country home she'd hope she'd have. 

“I want my house in the hills / don’t want the whisky and pills / I don’t give up easily but I don’t think I’m down.”

“Move on, we’re not 17 / I’m not who I used to be,” Cyrus adds. “You said that everything changed / You’re right I’m grown now.”

As you can see from the bottles and pills in the post, Miley may be alluding to substance abuse being a causal factor in the friction of the relationship. 

But, what might surprise you, is who this could be attributed to.

According to sources close to the singer and actor, it's Liam's alleged partying and drinking which could have contributed to its untimely end.

Miley then goes on to howl, “Why don’t you slide away back to the ocean / I’ll go back to the city life,” which could be a reference to Hemsworth return to Byron following their split.

What do you think of the song though? Is it one to add to the "sad banger" genre, something her creative counterpart Mark Ronson is always banging on about?