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500 Games On And Still Going Strong

500. It's a great number. It goes well in songs. 

It's also a popular card game which originated from the US. 


It's also a type of stock, the S&P 500 Index to be exact, and measures the stock performance of the 500 largest companies on the US stock exchanges. Which, if you've been watching the market lately, hasn't been going super well. 


BUT, 500 has taken an entirely different meaning as of the weekend. 

Man of the hour and forward of the field, Brenton Cabban, has just played his 500th game for Weeroona Bay Football Club. 

The impressive milestone was made all the more sweeter, having won 30.16-196 to 4.1-25 against Roopena. 

Congratulations, Brenton, and well done on a great game of footy!