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Naughty Words Used On Bachelor, Shield Your Eyes and Ears

matt 2
You probably have seen a few articles written up about last night's "walkout episode", where Bachie, Matt, does indeed walk out. 

But not without getting to the bottom of the ~drama~ 

Unfortunately, contrained by company policies regarding naughty words, I dare not repeat what was said, in the interest of keeping my job. 

Instead, I will try and describe what happened last night, while making no reference to it whatsoever.

As I only tuned in for the juiciest part, we'll completely skip over the single and group dates, and that Matt took the girls to somewhere in QLD. 

Abbey sits with Matt in the pool, on her single date, and decides to drop the hammer on him which makes him question himself to his core. He's told that someone in the house *cough Monique cough* has called him a very bad word. 

Matt, unable to believe that his behaviour up until now had been anything but gentlemanly, is shook. 

He straight up can't handle it, and then botches two other single dates by only pecking the girls on the cheek. #selfconsciousswine

Cut to group cocktails, the night of the rose ceremony. 

He pulls Abbey aside, obviously still distraught about the very bad word he was called. He said he's going to "sort it out" and "talk to Monique". Firstly, bless. Secondly, the chance of him sorting it out are about as slim as my chances of winning the Bachelor office sweepstakes - I picked Monique, silly me. 

He then calls Monique aside to "have a chat", one of the most fear-inducing sentences someone could say to you tbqh. 

Monique, ever cool, follows him through, has a seat and listens intently to him. For all she knows he might be keen to snog. 

He is not. He askes her point BLANK whether she called him a "dog-****". 

She does more than a double-take, it's more like a quadruple-take. Girl is surprised but not sweating. 

Flat out denying the claims, Matt now doesn't know what to do. So, instead of moving past it, ya boi decides to open a Cluedo investigation.

He interrogates literally everyone except the producers (who could probably play him back the moment Monique uttered the words).

Alas, this isn't Jerrry Springer, so we'll have to deal with the "he said, she said". 

At the end, it was decided Monique did indeed say Matt was a "dog-****", but what wasn't established was whether it was said in jest, or whether it was a complete character assassination. 

Jump to the rose ceremony, and all but two girls have roses: Julia and Monique. 

One would think that after all that drama and "disappointment" on Matt's end, he would be keen to boot old mate Monique. 

Ah, but this is reality tv, and where's the fun in that? So poor Julia was sent packing, and Monique lives to tell another tale.

The big question is how will Channel 10 keep us hooked now it has FINALLY aired the "walkout episode"?