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Turns Out There's More Than One Jeffery Epstein, Other Guy Copping HEAPS Of Unwarranted Abuse

It's common knowledge that many people can have the same name. 

James Brown, Mary Jones and John Example Smith. All very common names. 

Jeffery Epstein, although on face value seems very uncommon, shares his name with a few others. 

Namely (lol get it) Jeffery R Epstein, who works at Disney. 

This poor man has had to endure an almighty amount of hate mail to his twitter account, despite not actually being THAT Jeffery Epstein, the man who was accused of facilitating sex trafficking. 

Many people have come to his defence, including Yvette Nicole Brown and Kathy Griffin.

Not just celebs have been rallying around poor Jeffery R Epstein, he also had sympathies from US Sports Broadcaster, Gerry Sandusky, who is often mistaken online for Jerry Sandusky, a convicted rapist. 


This comes after many Australians have mistaken Americans called "Peter Dutton" as our Home Affairs Minister.