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Fish Yeeting Themselves Out Of A Tube, World Is Obsessed


Not a sentence one expects to read in their lifetime, and yet nothing surprises me anymore. 

It's already been a big week and technically it's only halfway through Monday. Epstein-conspiracies, Ooshie-itis and now this - Fish Tube. 

What exactly is this Fish Tube I speak of?


It's a cheaper solution than "fish ladders". Both fish ladders and tubes offer fish the ability to migrate, but one is cheaper and a bit more like Futurama. It gets my vote. 

The Fish Tube was originally created by Woooshh as an experimental tube that transported odd-shaped objects. But then for some reason, in a “moment of entrepreneurial inspiration” Whooshh vice president Todd Deligan and CEO Vince Bryan III decided to yeet fish through it. It worked, and the internet loves it. 

Yeet yeet, mother flipper.