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HERE'S THE TEA; Charli XCX "dissed" Taylor Swift, Fans Lose Their Tiny Minds

Tea is being spilled left, right and centre this week. We already had the Billie Eilish/Shawn Mendes message mishap, where she left him on "read" indefinitely

The Gossip Gods have blessed us once more, throwing Charli XCX to Taylor Swift's ravenous horde of fans. 

Nom nom nom.

Essentially Charli XCX was interviewed by Pitchfork two days ago about being a support act on Taylor's Reputation tour (2018). 

Though saying she was "very grateful" for the opportunity she also revealed that she felt "like I was getting up on stage and waving to five-year-olds."

Impress Swifties, it did not. 

Trying to survive the deluge of tweets and retweets, Charli XCX sent out a statement via her various social media channels, attempting to explain the situation. 

Taylor has yet to release her own statement. More to come.