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SHOOK: Shawn Mendes' Message Left on Read by Billie Eilish

Welp. Imagine that. 

Shawn Mendes messaged Billie Eilish a while ago. 

Now we all get a little busy from time to time, and forget to message people back. 

Not often do we alert the press that we a) recall getting a message and b) purposefully didn't respond

Especially if it's likely the person who messaged us will indeed hear the interview, and have to respond to it in their own press circuit. 

Can I get a yikes?

Billie Eilish told Complex back in April that she received the message and left Mendes on read. 


This then got back to Mendes and well...

It gets better. 

Months later, during his press trip in Nashville, a fan asked whether Billie ever replied and Shawn said, “She never did." The crowd then laughed. 


Oh well, if the Camila Cabello rumours are anything to go by I think he'll be able to get over it. 

Listen out for Senorita on Magic!