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Kevin "Handball Champion" Rudd Asks You To "Get Ready To Die" And I'm SCREAMING

Remember the Prime Minister who helped navigate us through the GFC?

The one who helped implement a revolutionary economic stimulus package?

A package which, as well as being welcomed by many economists and the OECD, is currently used by other countries to avoid recessions?

Well, that same guy likes to play handball. You could say he is somewhat of a ""handball champion".*

For reasons which elude me, he has uploaded a video via the page "Handball Memes" calling out to anyone that dare challenge him (once he recovers from knee surgery). 

He is also sending out signed handballs.

Don't believe me?

You may also remember KRudd's brief but beautiful foray into the world of handball during his time as PM...

King of handball indeed. 

*His words, and definitely not my own. 

Photo source; FB video via Handball Memes