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Robert BATtinson?

Robert Pattinson

It sure looks like former-teen heartthrob turned indie-cineema heartthrob Robert Pattinson has been cast as the next iteration of Batman. We've known for some time now that Ben "back tattoos" Affleck would not be returning to the role he previously played in 2016's Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice and 2017's Justice League, so it was only a matter of time before the relentless Hollywood machine said "why not again?" and begun the search for new actor.

Rumours that Pattinson was a favourite for the role - along with another young British actor, Nicholas Hoult from the latest X-Men films - surfaced late last week, followed shortly after by reported insider knowledge from Variety that Pattinson had indeed locked down the role. Whilst we're yet to get an outright confirmation on Pattinson's casting, social media has taken the report as a fact, with many internet nerds whingeing about the casting and creating petitions for his removal from the film. That this has happened with every other actor who's played Batman before him is probably a sign that R-Patz is, indeed, Warner Bros.' man for the job.

Look, I'm not thrilled about us getting more bat-related media, nor the fact we've now seen six different actors play the character in the past thirty years, however if we have to see another Batman movie, it may as well be played by somebody weird and interesting in ways we haven't seen before. Whilst Pattinson is regretably best known for playing Edward in the Twilight movies but his career since has been filled with fascinating, complex performances in independent films. This is somebody who's actively seeked to distance himself and grow beyond Edward Cullen, and is ready and deserving of another big, mainstream project.

If you have any doubts on just how good Pattinson can be, go watch Good Time. That film not only rules on all kinds of levels, but he gives one of the best performances of the decade. It's on Netflix and is a better way to spend ninety minutes than tonight's Game of Thrones (just saying).

That's it, really, I just wanted an excuse to talk about Good Time. Hot damn, Good Time slaps. Maybe another Batman will be okay too, which I guess is the topic of the article and I should return to it. Batman, ammirite?

(Watch Good Time!)