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Nobody Predicted *THAT* Game of Thrones Moment

There are some moments in Game of Thrones that will be remembered by television fans forever. Huge, game-changing moments that nobody saw coming, and could never possibly forget.




Think about The Red Wedding, Joffrey's murder, the Battle of Bastards; Game of Thrones is a show that thrives by its big moments that capture the zeitgeist - and last night had one of the biggest!



Will it ever be topped? We just don't know, but that moment will surely stay in the hearts of fans forever, no doubt cementing itself as one of the series defining moments. You might even tell your grandchildren about it.



Unfortunately I was too busy writing this article to watch the episode, and I don't know what actually happened, but I enjoyed following the fans' reactions nonetheless!



If you saw for yourself, you don't need me to tell you. That moment was crazy! Wild! Unexpected perhaps? Was it funny? A bit lame? Scary? Am I reading the general vibe of it correctly? These are just so many ways to describe a moment such as this, if you'd seen it.



Let's see if next week can top this!