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Husky Throws Biggest Tantrum Because He's Forced To Leave The Park And Honestly Same

Canis lupus winstonii

Source: Checkermallow, Flickr

Dogs chucking tantrums is one of my favourite genres. 

There is something endearing about it. That maybe we're not so different after all. 

This husky is having a big sook about having to leave the park and just will not quit under any circumstances, unless it means staying in the park. 

I keenly feel the same reluctance when I'm forced to stop eating my Easter chocolates in favour of something with nutritional value. Fortunately this Easter in Port Augusta no one has the authority to stop me from consuming my weight in chocolate.

Check out the link below if you want to see what's arguably the biggest husky hissy-fit in the world.

Huskey throws a tantrum because he has to leave the dog park from r/funny

It is honestly so pure.