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Disappointing: Horror Trailer Shown Before Peppa Pig Movie

To be sure, children ARE the future. They're many things; they're cute, they love playing in mud and are highly impressionable. One thing they aren't, however, is the target audience for graphic supernatural horror.

A cinema in Ipswich, England, has been under fire after accidentally screening the trailer for horror movie Brightburn ahead of an audience of children there to see Peppa Pig; Festival of Fun. This news, to me, is terribly upsetting, as I didn't even know Peppa Pig was releasing a movie.

Why wasn't this publicised? As a fan of Peppa's antics since 2005, I would pay top dollar to see herself, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George in their first feature film - especially one that marks 15 years of Peppa on our screens and in our hearts. I shouldn't have to learn there's a Peppa Pig movie in such unfortunate circumstances as these. I'm losing my faith in humanity.

Where's Peppa's cover on Variety? Did The Hollywood Reporter just forget to write a feature on it? And what's Twitter's excuse? Peppa Pig appeals to all ages because she's sweet, colourful and very cheeky! I love that sweet little piggy and only want what's best for her, like gaining as big of an international box office as possible.

Fortunately, there is light in the darkness, and Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun will screen in Australia from May!

Oh, yeah, and I hope those kids in Ipswich weren't too traumatised by Brightburn. But to be totally honest, I think that movie looks dope.