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Viral Song Pulled Off Country Charts, Billy Ray Cyrus Jump On Track

You may not have heard of the artist Lil Nas X, but I'm sure by now you've heard his country/trap single "Old Town Road".

It was released in December 2018 and, with the help of social media app, TikTok, it went viral. With over 78 million plays on Spotify alone, it was fast climbing Billboard's Hot Country Singles Chart. 

However, its success was cut down by Billboard when it was removed, citing that it didn't "embrace enough elements of today's country music."

Many prominent country singers came to the musician's defence.

Enter: Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Which then prompted old man Cyrus to jump on the track with Lil Nas X and help reinstate its ~country vibes~

It's a hoot, to be sure. 

Something definitely well worth blasting when you're driving in the Arid Lands or past the Flinders Ranges.