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Top Tips for Workplace Christmas Show Survival

The “Silly Season” is in full effect! It’s a time for celebrating with family and friends and enjoying the annual event consistently responsible for fuelling water cooler conversations around the world, the Work Christmas Party.

While some enjoy looking at Christmas lights displays this time of year, others prefers driving around town assessing the aftermath of your average Friday night during “Christmas Show Season”. Epic stacks, broken phones and cry-face arguments, are all regular highlights during the “most wonderful time of the year”.

 We’ve all had our moments on the Christmas party highlight reel, but if you’re looking to avoid that this year, you might find these “Top Tips for Workplace Christmas Show Survival’ useful.

Dress appropriately
The “wardrobe malfunction” is as much a part of the work Christmas party, as the speech from the boss, the embarrassing dance move and the phantom co-worker than never shows up.

Though we expect a wardrobe malfunction during the night, nobody attends the Christmas party with hopes of over-exposing themselves to their co-workers. Additionally, nobody expects to walk home barefoot! The good news though, we can minimise the likelihood of these events, but chosing to dress (and select footwear) appropriately.

Nominate a spotter

 As is the case in the gym, or if you’re reversing a trailer, it’s often a good idea to have a reliable spotter. The key word here, is “reliable”, because a bad spotter is often a liability, not an asset. This is the case too, at your work Christmas party.
 A GOOD spotter will protect you from yourself. Whether it’s arresting an inappropriate joke as it’s leaving your lips or stopping you before you become too flirty with a co-worker. The spotter is your “safety net”.

A GREAT spotter, can read the room and prevent these things way before they’re about to happen. Either way, get a spotter!

Drink responsibly

Pretty obvious here. A great way to avoid ANY of the above situations happening, is to make sure you drink responsibly.

…. And if you can’t do that, refer back to Tips 1 and 2.



Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels