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5 Interesting Facts About Cuttlefish

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In light of the ever diminishing number of Cuttlefish in South Australia, it's worth talking about how fascinating these creatures are and why they are worth protecting.

1. Cuttlefish have three hearts.

Two of the Cuttlefish's hearts are to pump blood to its large gills and the other has the regular job of pumping blood to the rest of the body. At least if it ever gets its heart broken it still has two to spare.

2. Their camouflage is as good as an Octopus.

Whether it be for mating, evading danger or just shirking responsibility, the Cuttlefish has incredible camouflage capabilities. They can even change colour to match their surroundings in complete darkness! 

3. Cuttlefish have eight arms and two tentacles

It may look like Cuttlefish have multiple tentacles, but they only have two that they use to catch prey with suckers. All their other tentacle like... things, are feelers.

4. Cuttlefish propel themselves forward with jets of water.

Ever wondered why Cuttlefish swim backwards? That's because they have a tube at the front of their bodies that jet-propels water to move them forward.

5. Cuttlefish can see light invisible to humans.

If Cuttlefish could paint, they'd make amazing portraits that would be totally invisible to us as they would use colours we couldn't see. They have pupils that are W shaped that help control the level of light intensity entering the eye.


So the next time you catch a cuttlefish by accident, let him go and you'll be helping increase the numbers of an incredible animal.


 Image by Naveen Manohar from Pixabay