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Wedding Season Is Well And Truly Underway - How Lucky Are We To Be In SA!?

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Wedding season is well and truly upon us, in the states where lockdown has not again kept us at home.

And on a weekend where there were seemingly hundreds of weddings going on across the state, Jackie attended one in Adelaide.

She was reluctantly dragged up for the bouquet toss by her brother's girlfriend (in the pale blue, note they are still holding hands), and was feeling pretty uninterested in the whole tradition.

However, when you get up there and you can see it there, yours for the taking, something primal comes over you and you have to lunge for it.

In what could pretty much be described as a blood sport where small children were almost trampled, the bouquet fell short and landed on the floor *shakes head disappointedly*.

Look at Jackie's face and if you think she's bad zoom in a little and look through the children's hands at another very competitive face.

Are you competitive? What brings it out of you?

If you too had a wedding over the weekend, we hope you danced the night away and shared many laughs with loved ones. 

We are so lucky here in SA that these events can go ahead!

 Photo: By Spencer Gulf Broadcasters