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Sampson LEAVES the Magic Morning Show

 For the Poddy

Today, breakfast personality and co-host Sampson Wilkop announced he would be leaving The Magic Morning Show by the end of the week (20th of August), and would no longer be part of Magic 1059.

Sampson joined Magic in early December 2020 and quickly solidified himself as a familiar, friendly and trusted voice on the network. Sampson originally took over the Magic Morning Show with Lauren 'Davo' Davidson (his co-host at the time) mid January 2021, and began with his current co-host Jackie Lymn in early May 2021 after 'Davo' left to a new opportunity. 

Throughout this time, Sampson has 'found himself' whilst devloping in many areas. He's proud to "hand over the baton" and give another radio hopeful "the fantastic opportunity" he was given to "see where they can take it."  Sampson is excited to leave his successor in the "very capable and loving hands" of Jackie, who he said "will never let [them] believe [they're] the best! ... Because she is" he exclaimed jokingly. He further added, "Jackie is a power house and is guaranteed to push the show to greater heights!"

The Magic Morning Show has seen a dramatic shift in strategy to engage and resonate with it's local audience, the emphasis being on social media which Sampson has played a large role in developing. 

Starting his radio career as an 18-year-old in an area he grew up for much of his life, Sampson now prepares to enter his 20's as a Digital Content Producer in Adelaide, SA. 

You can listen below to find out how the show has changed Sampson, and what's next: